Tuesday, May 31, 2016

WITL ~ Monday Pages

I was able to pickup the last of my photos this morning and finished up my day.  I will be on the lookout for some small embellishments to add later if they fit.
I have to laugh at my intro photo.  This is how my bed looks most mornings as I'm trying to get dressed.  I added the camera washi and glitter to the #2.  
I did some journaling on the bottom photo in photoshop.  I added the Monday card to the middle.
The journaling was done in photoshop and printed to the back of the card.  I had a few extra photos and glued two back to back.  I know the photo is missing something, I just haven't found what fits.
I used the same pattern with the Monday stamp from Ali's These Days Are For stamps.  I added a wood piece from American Crafts.  I couldn't bring myself to trim the bottom right photo down.  I liked the entire photo and I can see the exhaustion after a long few days.

My journaling for today focused on friendships.  The Enjoy the Small Things card is from a PL kit - I don't remember which one it is from as I have a whole pile of them.  I attached the M from Ali's WITL Kit.
I added a photo to the back of the PL card.  My last night of homework!!  The 6x8 photo is a perfect ending to my day.  These ladies are fellow band moms and I love how much laughter they add to my life.

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