Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Week In The Life - Tuesday's Words & Photos

Some mornings I have time to turn on GMA.  I cannot wait till summer when I can enjoy an entire two hours and not have to leave the house!

Lillian is not a morning person and it takes several tries to get her up and moving.  She has been like this since she was really little.

After a long night of working, today calls for my Greens.  I may need a second dose after work.

Again, no car photo is complete without those two being silly.  I don't know what's going to happen next year when Victoria goes off to high school.  Mornings are filled with these two laughing and creating musical.lys

I love the view driving to work.  I love the wide open spaces and depending on the weather sometimes there is a nice fog.  Either way, the view cannot be matched.

I didn't think I would last the day without an XL coffee.  I rarely stop for coffee, but today was an exception.  The Starbucks is the opposite way, so I don't always get to stop there.  

Today I'm at the girls' school.  More small projects to complete.  I am going to have to email my boss and ask what else I can work on.  

I stopped in at the library and the teacher had her Title 1 group doing word bingo.  It is amazing to see the growth that the kids have made.

This is what my normal sleeping patterns look like.  I try to catch up on the weekends, but that may not always happen.  My work week is where I loose a lot of sleep depending on the projects I have to do for school.  

The highlight of my day was watching Lillian run and finish in the top 3.  She loves to run and I cannot wait to see what she does next year.

And my semester is done!!  Somehow I made it all the way through.  Now to sit and wait for grades.  That is always the hardest part.

I survived the end of the day and somehow I am still standing.  Oh, and can I just say that my Younique lip stain lasts all day!!  

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