Sunday, May 8, 2016

Week In The Life - Sunday's Words & Photos

This is my second time documenting my week.  Last time I got all the photos taken, just haven't put it all together.  This time, my goal is to put the whole project together.  

I started with today, Mother's Day. I started off the day sleeping in, which is rare because our weekends are always so busy.   Hubby was able to take a nap after work.

We decided to head up to Tucson to have sushi for Mother's Day.  We usually don't go out of town just for food, but it was something I really wanted.

The buffet was so good, as usual.  The only thing we didn't appreciate was the higher price just because it was Mother's Day.  We told the kids they had better eat $20 worth of food each.

Our next stop was Bookman's.  I love this place because they have tons of books and I could stay in there forever.  I had a bunch to exchange, but they only took some of them.  The girls each found a book. Victoria took this photo and I'm really glad she did because I don't think I would have thought to take a photo like this.

Our next stop was Eegees.  This is always our last stop before heading home.  The drinks are the real reason why we stop there.  This month's flavor is Orange Dream.

We made one last stop before heading home and that was to wash the van.  It really needed it after weeks on the road.  If we lived in Tucson I would sign up for the monthly deal.

Any time they see the camera, this is the response I get.  I'm hoping it's a phase that passes.

After coming home, Lillian remembered that she had homework to do.  My children love to wait till the last min to do their projects.  I can also see that no one has wiped off the table in awhile.  

The girls made me a gorgeous flower out of jolly ranchers.  I'm not sure how long this will last next to me before I eat it.

My evening finished up with my last weekend that I will have to do homework.  I have three finals and one paper left. I cannot wait to enjoy evenings and weekends with things I want to do. 

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