Friday, May 13, 2016

Week In The Life - Friday's Words & Photos

 At some point the kids have to get it together and get their permission slips filled out the day before.  Thankfully hubby was home and did that part for me.  He also took the girls to school since it was my day off.

I finally got up and dressed.  I scored a new UA shirt at their super sale two weeks ago.  Being involved with student government has made me feel like I'm a real college student instead of someone just taking classes.

It's rare that I have the same day off as hubby as I usually spend it doing observations.  Today was the first day that I was able to be off and we started off having breakfast at one of our favorite places.  It's the small moments that I relish.

Home for a small break to just relax.  The temps are getting hotter and so my fans run 24/7 right now.  I think we both could have passed out for a nap.

Our relaxation didn't last for long.  We headed into town to pickup a veggie tray for Victoria's field trip.  The quick stop at the store meant I had time to pickup a drink as well.  I know Starbucks are expensive, but the drinks are amazing.  We also stopped at Jimmy Johns to pickup sandwiches for the field trip.  The got the times mixed up so I had to wait for a bit.  The food is good and they are super fast about having it ready.

We headed over to the park.  I don't know who is happier about going to high school, me or Victoria. She has a late birthday and has been waiting for what seems like forever.  The year has been really good for her.  She is more focused, calm, and has made some great friends.  Her grades have been amazing all year and will be entering in as an honors student.   

 Victoria usually doesn't sit in the front seat because the girl talks like no other.  There's the amount of words that boy and girls say and then there's the amount that Victoria says.  I made it her job to take a photo on our drive home and this is what I got :) 
We were all wiped by the end of the school day.  Victoria passed out and so did I.  While I would love to blame the sun and wind, I think it's a combination of that and lack of sleep all semester.

The evening ended with this amazing lady.  She hosted a party for the 8th graders graduating.  I ended up going alone and it was so wonderful to see everyone.  My friend has been through hell and back the last few months.  She is strong and courageous and has incredible faith.  It was wonderful to see her laughing and enjoying the moment!!

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