Saturday, May 14, 2016

Week In The Life - Saturday's Words & Photos

It's a rare morning when I'm awake before anyone else.  I came out to the living room where it's cooler and the fan is going at full force.  I eventually made my way upstairs where two of the three were awake, but quietly laying in bed.  One of the things I noticed as I came downstairs, the stairs are always a mess.  I'm just happy that there wasn't anything major to trip on.

I asked Lillian to take a picture with me and she proceeded to tell me that I was taking selfies the wrong way.  She took over and personally I don't see the difference in her way and mine.  

Hubby made chicken tortilla soup and I have been enjoying it for days.  I think tonight will be the last of it which makes me sad.

Getting ready for the day.  We are slow moving and Lillian is trying to duplicate her hair like she had it at the track meet the other day.  I'm pretty sure one of her friends did it, but she isn't fessing up yet.  

After we dropped Lillian off at her party, we stopped at the library.  I have a book on hold.  It's for my honors thesis and I figure I better get a head start this summer.  The library has changed the way they hold books.  Now it's on a shelf and you go pick it up.  I'm always afraid someone will take my book.

Afterwards, we stopped at Wal-Mart for a few items.  $133 later and we finally left.  It was quite strange to have a cloud burst and then blue skies again.  I wish we had gotten more rain.

We also stopped at the grocery store and again I was reminded why I don't enjoy grocery shopping.  It's a good thing we can laugh about it the whole way.  On the way home we stopped at Sonic for a drink.  I love their drinks even though they are full of sugar.  

I fell asleep again and ended up take a four hour nap!  Everyone went over to a party.  Hubby tried to wake me up, but I was so exhausted I fell back to sleep.  After waking up, I made some more soup and caught up on the newest episode from Grey's.

Lillian has been asking to go clothes shopping.  I dragged myself out of bed and took her to the mall. She said the store was having a sale.  And sure enough they were, but we somehow left there spending $43.  I also sat there for an hour while she tried on tons of things.  My patience had hit its limit and thankfully she was finished.

I got home to this boy having another glass of milk.  He tried to say he was going to make coffee at 9:30 at night.  

I couldn't hold off and had to dive in to my box of candy.  I was hoping to go to the movies this weekend, but not sure how that fits with everything.

I made it home in time to order my very first Story Kit from Ali Edwards.  Her products are amazing and help me to document the everyday. It's the stories that I want to remember.  I wasn't fast enough and missed out on the stamp set.  I'm hoping they restock, but if not I still have the story kit.  

I'm so proud of myself that even with the crazy week of finals, meetings, and life I was able to take photos everyday.  I edited them and picking them up from Target today.  This is a project I intend to finish all the way through.  And with work winding down this week, I will have time to do that and work on the other projects I have on my desk!!

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