Thursday, May 12, 2016

Week In The Life - Thursday's Words & Photos

It doesn't matter how many times I tell the girls, they still use my half-bath to get ready in.  They think it's their own personal dressing room.  

I was able to throw in a load of laundry before running out the door.

Today was one of the few days that we didn't have to anywhere right after school.  Lillian took advantage of it and played some games.  The downside to the Chromebook is that they think they can get on whenever they want to.

Hubby worked a different shift today so he was already gone by the time I got home.  I had a few moments to relax before heading out again.

Tonight is graduation for UAS.  I volunteered to help my friend serve food and cleanup.  I wish there were just as many people willing to help.  It's hard when you're one of a few people who are willing to stay as it makes for a long night.

I was able to sneak in and see part of the graduation.  I'm just one year away from crossing that stage.  It's been a long year, but listening to the speeches, it was just the motivation I needed to know it's much closer than I realize.

Afterwards, I took my amazing friend out for drinks.  The poor girl has been so sick and yet pushed through to finish the semester and run graduation.  It was so nice to sit and celebrate the end of the semester.  I am so bad about taking off my makeup so tonight I made sure that I got it all off.  I fell into bed and watched another episode of Grey's.  Hubby came home and we both passed out.

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