Monday, May 9, 2016

Week In The Life - Monday's Words & Photos

After a late night of homework, it was really hard to get out of bed.  I barely heard Gabriel leave the house get to get on the bus.  I got a late start which means I'm usually running behind.

I have piles of clothes in my room mainly because I don't have room in my closet.  I need to find a place for my scarves that are taking up so much room.  With all my piles, it is hard to find what I'm going to wear to work.  

It's been a struggle to get Victoria to eat breakfast or any meal.  She is trying to eat healthy, but also doesn't understand that you have to eat every meal and small snack in between.

My day is spent at a different site.  I work IT and work on any issues teachers and staff may have.  I am very lucky in that I am able to work my hours around my school schedule.  Some days are super busy and some are slow.  With the end of the year quickly approaching, my days are spend doing some behind the scenes work.

I love going back to my daughters' school at the end of the day.  The secretary is just amazing at how she can do a million things at once.  And she always does it with a smile on her face!

Tonight we had a fundraiser for the swim team.  My favorite pizza is the pesto from there.  I was able to get there early enough where didn't have to wait long.  

I had to leave to make it down to the band concert.  Even though Gabriel is in high school, is old band teacher invited past students to come back and play.  The band teacher is so amazing and it really says something that students jump at the chance to come back and play for her.  It also means I get to enjoy social time with some wonderful moms!!

And my evening wraps up with more homework.  I have one last paper for my honors program to finish up.  It meant that I stayed up till 3am.

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