Saturday, June 4, 2016

WITL ~ Wednesday Pages

After a few trips back and forth to the store, I finally have the rest of my photos to finish out the week.
I added a bit of journaling onto this photo.  For some reason, it kept getting cropped off when I sent it for printing even though I had it in 6x8 size.  Again the divider has washi tape and the 4 has paint and glitter.  I don't think I'll be using glitter for awhile as there are little bits that fall off and get on my pages.
I added some journaling to the plate and stamped onto the photo.  I'm debating if it needs more, but for now it's good.
I cut out the conversations from one of the cards from Ali's WITL kit.  It was the perfect fit for my book club dinner conversation.  The bottom photo has some journaling, though I may go back and reprint the photo in black and white.  The bad lighting is driving me nuts.  I used all my pockets, so I added the small card from the kit as a separate piece and stamped it and added the hello circle.
I used Ali's Reading Story Stamp as the perfect extra journaling for my monthly book club. I'm working on using items because I have a bad habit of hoarding.  I added some stickers from the WITL kit.  
I couldn't decide where to put the W so it fit in that small area of my photos.  I used the tiny attacher to staple it to the pages.
The back of the Wednesday card has typed journaling.  And my lovely 6x8 photo to close the day.  I didn't find a good extra piece for it, so it sits for now.

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