Sunday, July 31, 2016

3.B.6 Growing Up

•        Name of Photo: Growing Up
What editing was done to the photo?
I increased the exposure just a small amount.  I also increased the clarity to bring out the dynamic of the background and people.  This balanced with the exposure just gave the photo a really nice pop.    
How did the photo meet the requirements?
My friend asked me to take senior pictures of her daughter.  This is her only daughter; she has three boys, so I knew she would love to have a photo with just her girl.  The day was perfect because it was slightly overcast and we found a cool, graffiti wall.
What was the value of this assignment to you?
This assignment helped me to figure out how to photograph two people.  I took many shots with one standing and vice-versa.  I also had them look at each other and at me.  While I did some good ones, this was the one that felt most natural.

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natural n beautiful too