Friday, July 22, 2016

3.B.2 Rule of Space

Name: Take-Off
Description: My daughter practicing for long jump.
3.B.2 – Rule of Space
1.  What editing was done to the photo?I increased the exposure a small amount and added a little contrast.  There wasn’t much I had to edit with this photo.

2.  How did the photo meet the requirements?This photo shows where she is running with the larger amount of space in front of her.  I wish I could have shot from the other side as this side just looks different.  I am use to a person running like I read a book, left to right.

3. What was the value of this assignment to you?This assignment was important because it showed me that you can capture movement with just changing where you place the subject.  Some of my other shots I did not leave space and I can tell the difference.

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