Thursday, August 4, 2016

3.B.7 Are You Looking At Me?

Name: Are You Looking At Me?
Description: Safari cruise at Disney's Wild Animal Park
3.B.7 – Animals
1.  What editing was done to the photo?I started by increasing the clarity a bit so that the ostrich stood out a bit more from the ground.  I then changed it to black and white to see if that would help.  I played with the tint and found that added just the right amount of green to the grass.  I finished it off with a vignette so your eye is drawn straight to the bird.

2.  How did the photo meet the requirements?This is a photo of an animal, but I really like how it is almost posing for the camera.  And I feel like there is some personality from the face.

3. What was the value of this assignment to you?I enjoyed the assignment because it helped me step outside of what I normally shoot. 

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