Wednesday, June 8, 2016

WITL ~ Saturday Pages

So I survived and completed my album!!  I am so excited and never thought I would actually get it all done.
I am rarely up before anyone on a Saturday.  Especially a Saturday where we don't have to go anywhere.  I thought my opening photo was a good perspective of what the stairs look like now.
I love how clean my house looks when looking up from my couch.
Our Saturday was mostly filled with errands that hubby and I got to do alone.  It also included a trip to get Lillian some clothes.  And let's just say that shopping right now is not fun.
I had more than normal journaling so it was a squeeze to get all on the card.
Hubby took the kids to a cook-out and I got to nap for 4 hours!!  I think my body was still trying to recover from all my late night college hours.  I use Ali's Read Story kit for my book page.

I had more photos than normal so I just glued them back to back and added them in.  My last photo for the day was of the Read kit.  It's my first story kit that I ordered.  

I don't know if I will added anything to the last page.  I kind of want to add some journaling of what I learned and how I hope to look back and smile on this week.  I'm still waiting for some inspiration before I do that.

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