Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Wonderful Trip

We just came back from 2 weeks on vacation. I was so blessed to be able to spend one week in FL. My grandma broke her shoulder and after two surgeries is finally healing much better. But she can't walk very much now so she is in a rehab center. It had been 4 years since I last saw them and felt that this was the time for me to take a trip over there. Of course I struggled with the cost of the airline ticket, but God blessed us again. My uncle used his points and took care of my plane ticket. I had aunts and cousins I had never met. So I had the most amazing time visiting everyone and spending time with my grandparents without distractions. Since I was so close to beach, only 15 min away, I was able to get out and spend like 15 min at the beach. Words cannot describe how happy I feel to have been able to go. I told Tony that we must plan a vacation to go there hopefully in a year or two.

Also on our trip we spent time with Tony's family which since I had the camera we didn't get any photos of this trip. They did take the kids fishing and swimming and just hanging out at their house. And we also took them bowling. That was an adventure in itself. The kids were use to playing on the computer so they weren't too happy that the pins didn't get knocked down every time. So hopefully the next time we go won't be as emotional. lol And on our last day we spent it with my family. Some big developments are that my sister now has a boyfriend and it's getting serious. They are courting and will be taking a pre-marriage class. He seems like a nice guy and I pray that God will lead them the right way. The kids had a great time with their aunts and even did some sparklers.

We had a great vacation, but am also glad to be home. Now to get back into the swing of things!!!

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Sheri said...

Looks like you had a wonderful vacation! Yah! And, your little ones are getting so big! Great pics!