Wednesday, July 25, 2007


One of my closest friend was gone on vacation for two weeks. Even my kids kept asking when they were coming back. I called her today and she is finally home. We were on the phone for over an hour catching up.

I got an email from a girl interested in MOPS She is having a hard time in her marriage and has realized that she needs a more intimate relationship with God. She is looking for Godly, Christian women to surround herself with. Reading her email really made me think how we important friends are, esp when you don't live near family. And it's even more important to have friends who are going to encourage and lift you up before God. I think it's so special to have friends who will laugh, cry and pray with and for you.

So I encourage you to surround yourself with Godly, Christian friends!!!! And if you haven't found that friend, start praying for one.

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Lynn Donovan said...


This is a beautiful post. I have been really blessed of late. God has sent me friends exactly when I needed them. It is a rich blessings indeed, to be a friend and have a friend.

Love, Lynn