Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Happy Anniversary

Tony and I will be celebrating our 7th wedding anniversary on Sat!!!! Because of his work schedule we are going out tomorrow!!!! It's amazing how fast the last 7 years has gone by. We've had our struggles, learning about each other, what irritates the other, but there are also so many good memories! God has truly blessed us both. And the greatest blessing came last year. I did marry someone who didn't grow up in the same kind of house I did. And so our faith's were really hard for us to come together on. I was young and naive and when we got married I had hardened my own heart due to other issues in my life at the time. But when you know the truth of God's word you can't hide from it forever. And God brought me through my dark time. But when I came out, I had a husband who wouldn't attend church with me unless I hounded him. And finally I had to let go and let God take care of the rest. We've been together for 8 years and last year I finally cut that one string I held onto. You know how you say ok God here this is, but then you still hold onto part of the issue? Well that is what I did. And then I let go and I was so scared at what would happen next. Tony did support me in taking the kids to church and would help them with their verses and explain how important it is, etc but he wouldn't come. And then one day out of the blue he said that he was coming with us that night. And since that day last summer he is always with us unless he's working. I still am amazed at how God took one little thing for so many people as going to church and turned my husband around. I still tear up in church when he puts his arm around me. I truly believe that God allowed me to go through this to grow and learn true faith. And so this year on our anniversary, I am so thankful and so proud of the man I married. That God is in control and anything is possible.

I love the Honor Your Husband 30 Day Challenge!!! What a great reminder to honor a man who was given to us from God. That we were created just for each other! So here are my goals for this week:
1. Pray daily for him.
2. When he suggests for us to watch a movie together even if I don't want to, to at least sit with him and enjoy his presence.
3. Leave a love note in his lunch for him.

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