Thursday, July 26, 2007

Winding Down

For us here in Arizona, our summer is quickly coming to a close. School starts in less than two weeks here. We've had a wonderful summer. I feel like the kids had an equal time of being busy as well as having down time. It's been nice because when they feel they need something to do, they ask if they can color. I have made it a priority to keep the markers, crayons and paper down low in my china cabinet. This way they can pull it out on their own. And as much as I don't like the mess play dough makes, they have a blast with it. So now I'm thinking with school supplies on sale, I need to stock back up for items at home.

I grew up in a very well balanced home. My dad was a math and science major and my mom was an art and music major. Sometimes I feel the kids are lacking in some areas that we haven't exposed them too. So when we go home to visit, my sisters will usually spend time with them doing small art projects.

I just hope that they will always remember the fun times they spend together and not the actually event, but the quality time.

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