Friday, August 5, 2016

3.B.8 Tree of Life

Name: Tree of Life
Description: Night photo at Disney’s Animal Kingdom
3.B.8 – Night Time Photo
1.  What editing was done to the photo?I started out by increasing the blacks a small bit to block out the light in the sky.  I also increased the exposure just a small amount.  The clarity was increased a lot more to make it pop.  I also sharpened the photo and reduced the noise reduction.  I looking at the side by side, I feel like the tree pops out from the darkness much better.

2.  How did the photo meet the requirements?This photo was taken at night and I will say this was a harder one to capture.  The colors and animations on the tree moved around a lot and I was handholding the camera which didn’t help.

3. What was the value of this assignment to you?I really love night shots, but most of mine are usually of still items.  So now, I want to get better at subjects that move at night.  This would also benefit me as my children do their sports at night.

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