Wednesday, October 21, 2015


     I found this photo on Instagram and it sums up how I feel lately.  I have always been into photography and have albums full of photos.  When I was pregnant with my first child, my photography was put into high gear.  Photography then morphed into scrapbooking because they go hand in hand.  I enjoyed the time I would spend matching photos with paper and stickers.  Then, I would journal about the photo, how I felt, etc.  This continued as our family grew and I found time for it even with three toddlers running around.  When my youngest went to school, I had all these dreams of the time I would really be able to devote to scrapbooking.  That just did not come to be as I started volunteering in classrooms and enjoyed doing other things.  My crafting time would be in small spurts, usually when the kids were off from school and we weren't running around all the time.  Years went on in this way until I decided to go to school.  It's been three years and I cannot tell you the last time that I held photos in my hands and made a layout.  I still take tons of photos, but now they end up in folders on my computer waiting to be printed out. 
     I still cannot pass up some gorgeous supplies and kits in hopes that one day I will have time to create something.  I even went as far as buying into the stress-free way to scrapbook where you add photos and cards into pre-divided page protectors.  There are cute kits where you record your entire week and journal about your daily life and what happens in the small moments that no one else sees but you.  I have the kit, I took the time to take all the photos, now it's a matter of printing the photos and putting it all together. 
     Like the photo says, "I just want to make pretty things and get enough sleep" is what I really feel deep down.  I know all this coursework will lead me to a place where I will again be able to do those two things.  And I love my classes and learning new things, but there is still something wonderful about how good your body feels after several days of good sleep.  And there is something magical about creating a keepsake you can look back on.  I just need more time in my days........

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I see yo've been at this a while. How would you use a blog to teach?