Sunday, October 18, 2015

Another Race

     After all the years I've sat watching my kids race, it never gets old.  I love watching the anxious swimmers warm-up, always afraid that the water is going to be ice cold.  My view usually includes a gorgeous mountain backdrop.  This weekend, we had the added rain in the forecast.  Thankfully, it was very small amounts or rained for short periods of time.  
     Up until a year ago, it was just Victoria that I had to worry about dragging out of bed and driving over an hour to compete.  But now, Gabriel also swims.  It's a good thing they are older, throw clothes on and climb in the car.  Most of the time they pass out as soon as get out of the driveway and it's just me and the radio.  
     On Saturday, Victoria was not herself.  She added time to her events and just looked out of it.  I was very worried that she was getting sick.  Gabriel on the other hand dropped time from all his events.  He has improved so much in the year that he has been swimming competitively.  
     Victoria did much better on Sunday for her events.  I think that she just didn't get enough sleep before her races on Saturday.  She just amazes me because even after each lap, she still has enough energy to turn it on for the last leg home.  
     I think that our favorite part is after the meet.  We get to stop at Eegee's before heading home.  We don't have one where we live, so any chance to get one we are there.  Lucky Wishbone is also one of my favorite places to eat.  If only I could have all these places at my fingertips. 

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