Thursday, February 12, 2009

Need Help

I have no idea how to get it in my kids' heads to help keep their rooms clean. This is the girls' room and Gabriel's room doesn't look much different. Their bathroom and hallway look about the same too. It's mainly clothes and some toys. But seriously, I have been showing them how to pick up toys since Gabriel was 9 months old. That's like 8 years and nothing has stuck. I am so tired of picking up their messes, but don't know how to make them realize this.


*JRF* said...

When you find help, send them my way to you know who's room!! :)

Scrapronicity said...

I wish I could help BUT I have the same EXACT problem with my 7-year old! It drives me crazy. :( My room was a mess when I was a kid...but I won't tell her that! ;) Hang in there!!

Steph said...

Its nice to know that i am not the only one with that problem. Morgans room looks very similar! Sometimes i just want to get a huge dumpster, throw everything away and start over...somehow that just seems easier:)