Monday, September 3, 2007

Marriage Monday


I love this week's topic. I consider myself blessed because I feel I have many "mentors" to look to. I grew up in a Christian home with two wonderful parents. They have modeled their best at being spouses, parents and that godly example. Now that I am married and have children, I understand so much more everything they taught my sisters and I growing up. I also had some great mentors after I moved out on my own. I lived with a Christian family for over a year. They had 4 children and took me in as one of their own. I still had some protection over me, but also was able to experience being on my own. The mom was such and example of a Christian woman and would always give advice in the most non-intrusive way. It was so neat to be in an environment that was so much like what I had grown up in. Another mentor I had was a woman who was not that much older than me. She and her husband were my college/career teachers. The time I had with them was so amazing. They were a young family with a baby, but had time to give to me and my friends were stepping out. Their advice on guys I dated came from a loving heart with my best interest in mind. Though at times I was not happy to hear their advice. I feel all these people helped shape me before I became a wife and mom. They all played a part in who I am today.

Now that I am no longer near these people, though I still do keep in contact, I have friends who have become my mentors. My very close friend and I have a special bond. I have learned so much from her and even though not pleasant at times, she gives her wisdom esp in areas where she has been before me. God has given me women to go to now. And I pray that He'll continue to provide those women no matter where I live!

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Christine said...

You mention a good point- that just because you don't like advice at the time doesn't mean it won't be a blessing later. You've had wonderful mentors in your life, what a blessing!