Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Yesterday I had a water restoration company here. They sucked out the last bit of water out of the carpet. Then they put enzyme treatment on all the water areas. Now I've got fans and a dehumidifier in here till Thursday morning. The guy said that water will go up the wall about 16in and that is about it. He brought all his tools in here and did like an infrared camera. You could see where the water damage is. It did go up the wall in some spots. And it also tests how wet the wall is. The closet walls were on at 40% and the half bath wall. The garage wall was at 65% so he cut the drywall out there and there are fans blowing in there. They also had to pull out some wet insulation. It smells so much better in here already. The adjuster comes Thursday morning to inspect everything and finish up my claim. But basically once the claim is finished, this company can start work on getting up back to predamage mode. They will come treat the carpet, clean it all, repair the drywall, insulation and whatever else needs to be done. I really liked this company that came today, so nice and explained everything. He did suggest that if we could hold off on bedroom furniture to do that. But if it's something that we have to have, then they'll work with moving it all when they need to clean the carpet. I am just so thankful that this can all be fixed and we didn't loose anything that can't be replaced.
This morning I had bible study. It was really good and even though I didn't feel like going, I'm glad I did. It's amazing how God reveals just the item that you need to hear and when. This week is going to focus on being set apart from the world and how that can be very hard esp. in today's society. I have been convicted lately on either music or tv shows that I watch. My mom always use to give advice or teachings whether we wanted to hear it or not. Being a mom now, I so understand why she did this. But she would always advise us to watch what we say or what we're doing because if Jesus comes back, would be be ashamed in that moment. I still struggle with this as an adult. It's hard to do the right thing sometimes. I am excited to see where this bible study will take me this week!

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