Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Guessing Games

It seems lately that I find myself trying to find into this pre-determined mold. Being Coordinator of our local MOPS group I have seen how far I've come and how much I've grown as a wife, mother and woman. I use to think of myself of this very young mom who has 3 young children. I love MOPS for everything it stands for. I've been that mom who has felt totally alone not knowing another mom to relate to. I have met so many wonderful ladies who have blessed me greatly. Plus I've found many new friends. There are so many moms in our group who are either pregnant or just had their new additions to their families. The one thing that I never thought I would feel is being the odd one out. I'm not old at all and don't think I will ever feel like that. But I am soon to be 28 and have older children. My youngest is going to be 4 soon and only has one more year before going to Kindergarten. My oldest is almost done with 1st grade and growing bigger everyday. The moms in my group are all older than and still growing their family. It seems that as each year passes I find myself outgrowing the preschool years and moving towards the next stage of life. But the thing I hate is that I have no idea what that next stage is. What do moms do who have children in school? All that I seem to meet have gone back to work. But Tony and I have decided that for as long as God calls me, I am to be home. Yes I do plan on helping in school, having lunch with friends and more time to scrapbook. But what else? Tonight I told Tony I almost wish that we had decided to start having kids two years ago. He kind of looked at my like I was crazy, but I explained that 99% of my friends are still adding to their family. They may have a 5 year old, but also an infant. After my kids are in school all day, how do I relate to these friends who have toddlers getting into everything? I don't want to become that person who is hardened to moms who have little ones around. I always thought I would never see this stage pass, you know where you don't have a diaper bag, stroller, and tons of extra clothes for accidents. I have to remember that for a reason, God planned for me to be 27 and be almost done with the preschool years. What is next I have no idea, maybe that is my calling, to help the moms move to the next stage and find purpose and fullfilment in being a SAHM even though there are no kids home most of the day. I have always know that I do make a difference in my families' lives and that is why I love MOPS because every mother does make a difference in every area of their children's lives. And as I see this area of my life and calling coming to a close I pray that moms of preschoolers know how very important their job is. How they impact the lives that God has entrusted to them. I pray that as they sit crying amid toys, screaming toddlers, and home items always needing tending, that their blessing will beyond what they imagine. So hold your babies close as they won't always want to be held and where you are today is right where God wants you to be!

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Sheri said...

Thanks for the reminder to hold our babies close. You are so right on sister! Also, may you continue to be a leader and example to young moms at MOPS. God has put you there for a reason and you are doing an outstanding job! I miss being in Arizona, with ya'll.