Sunday, March 18, 2007

Cleaning Up

We were in NM this past week for spring break. We had a pretty good trip. Just long enough. We got home late afternoon yesterday. We thought all was well till we opened the garage. Our water softner was leaking. At first we thought the damage was just a few boxes most of which was garbage anyway. But then we went into our room to find our carpet soaked. Our closet backs up to the garage and the water leaked in there and 1/3 of the carpet is just completely wet. Thankfull everything can be fixed and replaced, which we think will just be ther padding and carpet. It does appear to have leaked into our half bath and gotten the cabinet where the sink is, so hoping worst case is replacing that. We have a claim into our insurance company and just waiting for Monday and a phone call to come inspect the damage.

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Sheri said...

Angela, I'm so excited you have a blog my dear sister in Christ! It's fun to read what your beautiful family is up to. And, I'm praising the Lord with you that all the water damage can be fixed!