Thursday, March 5, 2009


Hubby is on a different shift for two weeks. So that means I have morning and evening family duty. I like that he is sleeping more which is huge for him. But I feel like I'm the one who is awalys being the referee and time keeper. I don't want my kids to feel like I'm always yelling and saying hurry up. I need a better plan for mornings. Cause I send my kids to school not liking them which is horrible. So if you have some tips please share.

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Ann said...

my hubby and I have three kids (14, 11, and 9) and we're also teachers- so you can imagine how it is at our house in the mornings!

I also find that if I don't do the following (actually, if the KIDS don't do the following) we are fussing in the mornings...

* get up- sounds easy, but we have to set our alarm clocks (the kids all have one too) for TWO snoozes, just so we can wake up slow- none of us (except maybe for me) get up fast
* do as much as possible the night before- especially making sure that bags are packed (practice clothes too for my boys) and that the uniforms they need for the next day are clean and they know where they are!
* fast breakfasts- usually cereal bars and milk or a bowl of cereal
* no tv in the mornings (my older one wants to sit and watch the news)

When mine were little, I had to get up about 20 min before them to get a jumpstart on myself, since they needed so much help- now it's gotten easier and they fend for themselves!

Hope this helps!