Friday, December 26, 2008

Our Christmas

We had a very nice day. Before the kids could eat breakfast they just had to open gifts. They got some nice gifts. Lillian is still into Dora, though Barbie seems to be a big hit. So maybe another year or two and Dora will fade into the background. Victoria loves Littlest Pets. And she received a good amount of gymnastics leotards and shorts. Good thing because as much as she's at the gym those leotards are washed quite often. Gabriel loves his legos and bionicles. They all received DVD's and ps2 games. Tony and I got our main gift a few weeks ago. But we both had small items in our stockings. Oh adn we can't forgot how excited he was to see our joint gift of a puzzle. lol Our dinner was so good though I forgot take photos. And we also took a family photo too.


Sara said...

Ok, I SO LOVE your family photo! That better be enlarged a tad bit and then framed!!!!

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