Tuesday, March 4, 2008


I have always been an avid reader. Not sure when it started, but I can remember bugging my mom to order from the scholastic book order from school. I loved the library and when in high school I was thrilled to be hired to work there. After having babies, toddlers and now school age kids, finding time to read is a bit hard. But I have pressed on and the reading bug has hit again.

I've always hoped that my own kids would love reading as much as I do. I started reading to them since the very beginning. Gabriel is in 2nd grade now and loves to read. He comes home every Monday with two new books from the library. I have started reading chapter books to the kids each night which even Lillian at 4 will sit and listen. I do have to pick books that does have a picture every few pages. But it's amazing that they can sit and remember the story line. After I read to them, I let Gabriel stay up and read his own books for awhile. He loves that I let him do this, but I look at it as just encouraging reading. Though he looks at it that he can stay up a bit longer. lol

Victoria's teacher highly encourages reading to the kids and I have to fill out a reading log every night for her. If you aren't already reading to your own kids, I encourage you to do so. I know we're all tired at the end of the day and some nights I have to drag myself to their rooms. But it's also quality time where we sit together and read. I know this is also laying the foundation that as they get older it will turn into talking time for more serious conversations.

A little hint, make sure you pick a book that sounds interesting to you as well as the kids. There is nothing worse than reading a book that you find boring. Also, pick books with good morals and values. I just ordered the whole Little House box set. I loved these books as a kid and I know my own will love them as well. And if you haven't picked up a book for you lately, go get one!!!! If money is a bit tight, head to the library. Also Hastings sells used books at great prices!!!!


Deanna said...

I'm glad to know that i"m not the only one who sometimes struggles to read at bedtime. BUT I make every effort to do it anyway. Sometimes if i know I'm going to be tired, I read earlier in the day and let Daddy read at night! ;)

Angela said...

What a great idea. I never thought of that.