Thursday, March 31, 2016

Day In The Life

I just love the projects that Ali Edwards creates.  I have participated in many of them, but I never fully complete any.  This year, I decided that enough is enough and I want to have something that my own children will be able to relate to.  

This project is Day In The Life.  I have participated in the past, but have never gotten past the actual photography part.  This time, I was determined to not just take the photos, but to actually post them and eventually get them into an album.  I have always had a love for photography and scrapbooking.  My kids are use to me taking photos, but they still ask what I'm doing.  I love that every photo I took was intentional and showed what the day looks like.  My life is full, busy and exhausting, but I also know this is just a season in my life right now.

6:10am - I am not a morning person and morning comes way too soon for me.  I try to make sure I'm awake so that Gabriel is up and moving for school.  Now that we rely on cell phones, I usually text him to make sure he is up and moving.  Then, I close my eyes for a few more minutes before he makes his way downstairs.
6:27am - I still can't get over that this boy has to shave now and again. I'm glad that hubby reminds him to do this because it's something I rarely think about.
6:35am - I'm so proud of my boy.  He gets himself up 99% of the time and out the door on time to get on the bus.  I miss our morning drives and hoping that will start again after work settles down.
6:38am - I usually make sure that the bus comes and he gets off to school ok.  There's still a part of me that someone will take him even now that he's in high school.  
7:01am - I love the mornings that I can actually watch GMA.  Today was my morning off so I was able to crawl back into bed for a bit.
7:07am - This is usually what my alarms look like on a typical weekday morning.  I hate getting up, so I always have to make sure I have a couple set to ensure I get to work on time.
7:11am - I always check my calendar in the morning to see if there is anything specific I need to take with me.  I usually have one day off a week for observations, but it's testing week.  Instead, I have filled my calendar with appointments that I usually have to take time off from work for.
7:41am - I have finally pealed myself from the bed, got dressed and put my makeup on.  While I love doing my hair, I also love it off my face.
7:43am - My poor husband puts up with all my beauty products.  But today, they are even a bit much for me.  I have got to find a way to get it organized where I can still use it.  And, I must stop buying it!!
7:45am - My mornings always start with my Greens.  I put very little juice in and let the powder dissolve.  It's my morning power shot.
7:47am - This girl is the slowest moving in the house. I turn into Father Time in the morning to keep her on track. Her comment today is, "You're not working today so I can take longer to get ready."
8:13am - We finally get out the door.  You never know what these two in the back will be talking about on our way to school.  They have grown so close over the last year.  I don't know what Lillian is going to do next year.  Victoria will be off to high school and it will just be me and Lillian on the way to school.
8:27am - I just love this view.  I love the wide open spaces, the morning clouds and how fresh it all looks.  I never tire of the scenery.  
8:28am - Dropped the girls off to school.  I work in the same district and some days I'm at their school and other days at different schools.  The one thing that drives me crazy is people walking on the rocks.  And of course, my daughter has to be the one to do it.
8:30am - The view back home is just as wonderful.  There's still a very small amount of snow left on the mountains and hoping we get a little more.
8:45am - Our house as you walk in the door.  Life has been so crazy and overwhelming lately and our house shows it.  I would really love if we could keep this room clean and ready for anyone to stop in.  
8:53am - The plumber is finally coming to fix the kids' bathroom.  They were told to clean it the night before.  I went up to check and wouldn't you know, they picked up, but nothing more.  I quickly found some wipes to clean the counter and sink.  The one thing I couldn't find is the windex so the poor mirror has weeks worth of toothpaste on it.
9:16am - My masseuse is a miracle worker.  I have some horrible sciatica issues that she keeps in check.   Today though, the issue lies with my neck and shoulders.  She claims it is from all my computer work.  I left feeling AMAZING!!!
10:07am - Finally, their bathroom will be in working order and I can kick them out of mine and the half bath.  
10:14am - Making my list of items to talk to my advisor about.  I tend to go in thinking I will remember it all and that never happens.
11:07am - Meeting with my advisor.  Since I only see her at registration, my list of points was a mile long. We have my fall schedule figured out, talked about placement for student teaching and what I would like to do and asked about student council position. My honors thesis is what is scaring me so I'm hoping she will find some answers on the whole process.  I cannot believe that I only have one more year left!!  It has been a long and exhausting road.  Don't tell my hubby that I really want to jump into my masters next.
12:03pm - On my way home I stopped at Culver's for a snack.  Don't tell anyone though because I really don't need to be eating junk.
12:25pm - I had a quick chat with hubby.  We spend our lives running around that our conversations are quick.  He works nights and sleeps during the day.  I've grown accustomed to it after 14 years and kind of like having the bed to myself.
12:29pm - Trying to sneak in some homework on this jam packed day.  I have two big papers due Sunday and I am not prepared.
12:37pm - Good thing that I have a hair appointment today because the grey is coming in. I don't think I will ever be comfortable with it.

1:53 - Finally getting the grey hair gone.

2:41pm - I love my stylist.  She is amazing and I won't let anyone else do my hair or the girls'.  She has been cutting my hair for about 8 years now.  She just opened her own salon and it is doing so well!
2:51 - Back in the car to head to the track meet.  I asked a friend to bring Victoria home because I would not have made it there and to the meet.  This also means no swim today, but I think they will enjoy the day at home.
4:51pm - I made it in time to see her first race.  The sun may be out, but it is deceiving.  We had to wait a long time before her next race and the poor girl was freezing.  Dad decided to be her ear muffs.
5:13pm - Finally it's time for her second race.  And just in time as I have to head out for a meeting.  She came in second place.  I don't understand why she loves to run.
5:25pm - Driving AGAIN.  I was selected to be part of a 5 week committee for the SVPSD.  It will be interesting to see what this is all about.
7:39pm - I am exhausted and ready to crawl into bed.  The meeting was very informative and the district is hurting just like ours for money.  We will be coming up with some ideas to bring to the board at the end of our time together.  Not sure how we will be getting the money though.
7:47pm - Late ending means fast food - very bad food choices today.

10pm - I'm back at my desk working on homework again. I have two major papers due Sunday. I'm finding I'm always here or in the car.

11:48pm - forcing myself to stop for the night. My sleep schedule is so messed up after years of late homework nights. I could probably keep going for another hour or so. But I pay the price come morning so I try to stop as close to midnight as possible. Some nights include a glass of wine and I've decided to deal with little sleep until I'm completely done with school.

Looking back over my day, I spend a lot of time away from the house or doing homework.  My word for the year is balance and while I am learning to do that, I can see that I still have a lot of work to do.

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