Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Being A Mom Is Tough!!!

I truly believed that as my kids got older, being a mom would get easier. Oh, how wrong was I!!!!  I love my children dearly and many times I look back and am amazed that God changed the plan I thought I had for myself.

On my very first date with my husband I told him I didn't want children and maybe a boyfriend. Just over a year later we were married and expecting our first child.  Soon after baby number 2 followed. We did our pro/con list and decided we were done. Again, God had other plans and our last bundle of joy was born.

I remember have a 3 year old wanting to read, 2 year old potty training and trying to nurse a new born all with tears streaming down my face. In those moments all I wanted was to speed up time. Now I've got one entering high school and two in jr high.  These three play every sport known to man and keep me employed as their taxi driver. They are also testing the waters in what they can get away with. Now my days are rushing everywhere, decoding data papers to see who created a Facebook account without permission and longing for the days when we would all take a nap together.

As my summer is quickly coming to an end and the new school year looms ahead, all I pray is that I'm equipped to lead them to become Godly men and women who are seeking God and prepared for the real world. And everyday I just want to freeze time where I can remember every smell and memory because I know this mom thing isn't going to get easier, and I need the good thoughts to get me through the hard days.

These are the smiles I want to memorize forever!


tdm4him said...

Angela...thank you for posting today on P31- I agree i thought as mine got older it would be somehow easier, but who were we wrong, it is different, maybe not harder, just different. From the moment we birth them, we are preparing them to leave us. My oldest is headed for college in just under 6 weeks...I am excited for her, however, another level of mothering is coming...Enjoy your little ones!! Blessings - and thank you for posting...

Unknown said...

Thank You for posting...I too feel like I'm at the end of my rope and I have just two. One two year old who needs potty training and the other is a week old. Sometimes, I think how will I manage, get through it all...but you are right...memorize the faces, memorize the them all up withiut complaining for soon they will be all grown up, back chatting and driving me up the wall. It's good to hear real stories from real women...and to then count your blessings! Pray and let God do the rest. Much blessingss you continue on this motherhood journey.

Katie Landers said...

I have three children close in age like you and time is certainly flying by! I was hoping it got easier but you're right, it does not. I want to freeze time also and remember everything. Thanks for sharing!

Shelly said...

Hi Angela,

Oh, how I, too, long for those days where we could all just take a nap together! I can relate to much of your story (including playing detective over social media issues). Thank you for sharing today. So glad you are a part of the OBS community!

Love and blessings,
Shelly (P31 OBS Team)

Erica M said...

I really thought it was going to get easier once they hit about 10/11. Boy was I wrong! Great post :)