Monday, February 20, 2012


Gabriel & I had so much fun at the Newsboys concert. There is just something about sharing the experience with your child. I loved listening to their music starting in Jr. High. And now Gabriel is the same age.

We started off the night with VIP tickets. We got early entrance in and got to pick our sears. 3rd row right next to the stage!!! Then we got a special Q & A with the band, they sang a song and photos and autographs. Michael Tait is now the lead singer who was a member of DC Talk. And can I just say that even with all the years of singing behind them, what pure, amazing voices they have!!!

Then we went back to our seats. And Anthem Lights opened up. That was fun as we both like their music. And the energy those guys have is amazing. Two other groups also sang who were really good. And then finally Newsboys. What a show they put on. But even more than that I felt like it was also a church service too. There is just something about worship songs that just make you forget about everyone around you!! There wasn't one thing that I would change. And you know your kid had a blast when he says he can't wait for them to come back!! I have more pics on the camera, but here are these for now.

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