Sunday, February 27, 2011


We rarely get snow in southern Arizona. Maybe once a year and it's usually gone in a few hours. But last night the weather people kept predicting it. I woke up several times last night to the awful wind. Our wind blows here like it could take your house away. I'm always afraid to waking up to half my roof gone. So after waking several times to nothing but wind, I didn't have much hope. But as hubby was getting ready to fly out, he said he had to get moving earlier as it was snowing. I figured some flurries and nothing else. I went back to sleep after he left. I got up a few hours later and found it still snowing and a good amount on the ground. The kids got moving and outside they went. They played for a few hours til it all melted. I think the dog was happy someone was outside with him as well as trying to steal the kids snowballs. lol It's now lunchtime and all our snow is gone except the gorgeous mountains. But I'm glad we got to experience it at least once this winter.

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