Monday, November 15, 2010

10 Years......

If I could go back in time, I never would have imagined that in 2010 I would be celebrating 10 years of marriage. It's been an amazing 10 years. We've had our ups and downs as every couple does. But I never imagined I would be more in love with my husband now.

We decided that we wanted to take an anniversary trip for 10 years! The kids are old enough to leave for a week and not cause too much stress. So after looking at several places and the budget, we decided on Disneyland!!!

We went during Fall Break. At first I didn't think we would survive a whole week just the two of us. But from the beg of the trip, you could just feel the relaxation we both felt. All we had to worry about was finding our way to the rental car place and getting to the hotel. And after navigating LA, I think we would do just fine on The Amazing Race.

Our first night we saw Fantasmic. What an amazing show, just so much fun and great creativity from Disney. Even Tony said that was his favorite

Everyday brought another surprise and more fun. On our very first day we took a tour A Walk In Walt's Footsteps. It was a lot of fun and we learned so much about the history of the man who created it all. We got to see the lobby of Club 33 which was really neat. I'm glad we did the tour, something we never would have done with the kids. They would have been bored to death.

I got over my fear of the unknown with rides. I got on almost every ride that I didn't last time. And I found some I loved and some I will never go on again. I think the best one is the Matterhorn and the second time we rode it was the best. We were stuffed from dinner and somehow squeezed into the same seat and laughed the whole way down.

The Halloween event night was fun. We got a ton of candy and hit every candy station in the park. The fireworks show and parade were fun. The Halloween tour we did was fun. Best part was getting on rides right away. I skipped many of them only because I couldn't do some of those again lol.

Fantasyland is still my favorite. Peter Pan and Tea Cups are my favorite. And my husband who doesn't like spinning in circles was a big sport and got on and helped spin us faster than I've ever gone.

California Adventure was fun as well. Soaring over California is still a favorite. But River Run we got on several times. The very first time I got soaked from head to toe. The times after that wasn't so bad. Toy Story is always worth the wait!! It's just a fun ride, but hoping there is a fastpass for it one day.

We also hit Universal Studios. The shows were fun and it was neat to see the special effects they do. The Studio Tour was really neat. So many things to see, the King Kong 3D was super neat. Also seeing the set of DH was so cool. I didn't get all the photos I wanted, but that's ok. The rides in the park was what I was super afraid of. The Simpsons ride was super cool, one I could have ridden more than twice. It was a bit scary that I lost my phone on it the first time. Thankfully, someone turned it in. We also hit The Mummy ride which took my breathe away the first time. I did not expect it to go shooting out so fast! But it was super short, unline Space Mountain. We did that ride time and time again and was my favorite by the end. Jurassic Park was last. It was a super neat ride, everything they did to create it. But the drop at the end is one vertical drop. But I did it and survived! lol

We finished off the week with dinner at Wine Country. The food was good and we enjoyed a bottle of Magicale. It was fun and something we wouldn't have done otherwise. We also got tickets to see World of Color. It was really neat to see the amazing effects they do. And so very glad we didn't have to stand in the super long lines that everyone else did.

There isn't one thing that made the week amazing. It was the time for just the two of us with no distractions. It was just a wonderful gift and well worth 10 wonderful years of marriage!!

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