Friday, February 12, 2010


Today the kids had their Valentine exchanges. This is the first year I haven't gone to take photos. I'm still not feeling the greatest and also didn't have times for when they were doing them. Oh well. They all came home with lots of Valentines and candy!! One thing that I really liked that the PTO did was Carnation Grams.
We all remember Candy Grams when we were in school. It was so fun to send them to our friends and wait with anticipation to see if we would get any. Growing up, my parents weren't huge on these. I remember only being able to send one or two which I should have been grateful for.
Since I remember what a big deal it was to get one, I had sent in the form last week. Each of the kids were so surprised so get a beautiful red carnation. I just couldn't let me kids feel left out and it was a thoughtful way to tell each of them that we love them! Thankfully, they are too young to ask to send one to all their friends. But I know that day is coming! I better start my list of ways for them to earn money lol!


tori said...

That's cool about the carnations. I remember having those in school when I was a kid. Did y'all switch schools? I noticed V wasn't on Alex's class list anymore.

Angela said...

We did switch in Nov. I love HM and it was such a hard decision. But since my oldest is in 4th grade, I saw all the cuts affecting his education the most. So we felt it was best to move them. We are at Valley View now. It's a much smaller school, but I am so happy out there. It's goes through 8th grade so I won't have to worry about the middle school. I don't see us moving for a very long time so we felt it was the best move for us!