Thursday, October 1, 2009

Great Game

Tonight Gabriel's team had their 3rd game. Wow is all I can say. We all stood the entire game. I have no pictures because I never really did pick up my camera. The first quarter Gabriel got hit by the ball so many times I lost count. He was so aggressive and boy did he pay for that. He got hit in the eye, arm, head, face, etc. There was this one girl on the other team who towered above all the other players. And man, she was good. At one point it was her and Gabriel going for the ball and not sure what happened, but they fell and she landed on Gabriel. I thought for sure he would be out. But now way, up he went and continued on. He scored the first goal and that just helped spur the team on. They all played so well together. They passed and looked for opportunities to help each other out. Eight goals were scored total and by the end of the game the coach just had our team passing to each other. That was great to watch in itself because the kids have improved so much so soon! One thing is for evening games we need jackets and pants! My friend did say she would vouch for us in case Gabriel wakes up tomorrow with bruises all over. lol

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