Friday, January 16, 2009

New Show

There aren't too many new shows that get my attention. I like to stick with my faves. But this one hits home. It's nice to see that attention is being brought to those who protect our country here at home. The job these men and women do is what I've grown up with as my dad served and now my husband. I believe that all those who risk their lives for our freedom need to be acknowledged. And today I was reminded of the risk to this job as it's 5pm and my husband is still at work going on 15hrs of being on duty. So if you get a chance check it out.
Homeland Security USA

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Scrapronicity said...

I thought it was an interesting topic for a show as well. There are so many shows where there are actors who are saving our country. I think it's great that on THIS show they are following the "real" people who are actually doing it!!

It's difficult to have a husband who works long hours, I can relate. That said, how nice it must be to have a husband who help husband works in television! Quite different, that's for sure. I definitely respect the job that your husband and so many others do. :)

I hope you are feeling well, have a great weekend!