Monday, October 20, 2008


For Fall Break we took our family vacation to Disneyland. Our first big vacation in 3 years. We've been planning this trip for over a year. The kids were so excited and so were we. We actually drove which is a first for us. We usually fly, but with prices so high we decided it would be cheaper to drive. I was be afraid since it was over 8 hrs to get there and no DVD player. But the kids did amazingly well. The last hour of the trip they got antsy which is normal for any trip we take. Our hotel was nice with a 2 bedroom suite. And the kids' room had a bunk bed which the kids loved. And thankfully no one fell out of it all week. We had 4 days at Disneyland and CA Adventure. It's funny that the Disney Tony and I remember is so different from the one now. Back then it was all the classic stuff and now you have all the new movies and such. I'm glad we waited till now as our kids are old enough and could all walk and get on almost every ride. I am just not a coaster type person, but mine sure loved the kiddie ones. And Gabriel and Lillian got on some of the bigger ones. Lillian was the only one brave enough to get on Space Mtn. I would have gone if everyone wanted to go. And then Gabriel and Lillian got on Splash Mtn. Victoria and I had fun watching them. lol I think Pirates and the Tea Cups were the kids' favorite rides as we got on those like 6 times each. I got one photo of mainly Lillian on the tea cups the first time. She loved it and the faster the better. The rides in Fantasyland were what I remember. We all love Peter Pan, Alice in Wonderland and Mr. Toad. The parades at both parks were fun. Though I think I enjoyed the Pixar one at CA Adventure more. We didn't get to see the fireworks Monday as they were cancelled due to winds. And we missed them Thursday night because we were at the Trick-or-Treat event at CA Adventure. On Thursday night we had special tickets to go trick-or-treating. We made the mistake and didn't go back to the hotel so the kids could take a nap. So they were so tired. But they did really well and Lillian was the only one at the end who was so tired she could hardly walk. We had to bribe her to get one last photo. We had fun, though even with 4 days we still felt we could have used one more day. But the kids got to ride their favorite rides several times and we got tons of photos with characters and even Tony and I were able to enjoy a few rides. Which I must comment that my kids get that coaster junkie gene from their dad. He went on the CA Screamin. It's this huge coaster that basically shoots you out at the beg. Oh he loved it. I have one photo of him on it as it's shooting off. He's in a blue shirt towards the back of the ride. And he got on Tower of Terror. Sorry, but I just can't do huge drops. I can spin in circles all day long, but not the drops. Good thing as the kids love the coasters now, they can keep dad company. The drive back was quiet as they kids slept a good part of the way. And then at the end they were occupied by the Gameboys. So we had a great vacation, but it was not a resting vacation. We were on the go non-stop and up early everyday. The kids and I are already talking about next year. Tony isn't so sure yet, but we'll see.

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*JRF* said...

Looks like tons of fun!!! Did you see the Roll's while you were there?!?! :)