Sunday, July 27, 2008


This summer the kids had a month of swim lessons. I love how the pool changed the program a bit. Now the classes are smaller so the kids get more one on one instruction. After a month of swimming Gabriel is moving up to Level 4 and Lillian passed so she and Victoria will be Level 3 swimmers. I'm wondering how Lillian is going to do in the higher level. Her instructor said she is more than ready, but she's still so little. Since school is starting in a week, we won't be doing lessons till Dec. By then soccer will be over and the kids will be ready for another activity. I have been putting them in lessons since they were 6 months old. I did this so that they would never be afraid of water. Now the opposite has happened and they are like a bunch of fish that you can't get out! lol

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ellen said...

great pics!
swimming lessons are so good for kids! sounds like yours are doing really well.

i have to tell you i love the name lillian! it is so pretty.