Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

My Mother's Day started off being woken up before 7am by Lillian. I guess she felt the need for company because she insisted I get up even though Gabriel and Victoria were still sleeping. We all got up and got ready for church. Afterwards we stopped at the grocery store to get some items for dinner. When Tony gets home from work he is cooking us a steak dinner!!! He gave me the option of cooking at home or taking me out to dinner. I must prefer a steak dinner at home. Esp since he cooks such great tasting food! The kids gave me their gifts they made for me at school. Lillian gave me a photo of her all ready to hang on the fridge. She was most proud of the gift bag she decorated though. So I will be saving that as well. Victoria made a daisy pen with a card. And Gabriel made a card with a really cute poem. Here is what his poem said:

Makes things perfect

Only Mom makes cake.

The only thing Mom makes is pie

Here, Mommy is nice

Everything in Mom's house is clean.

Real moms are cool.

It is so cute and my favorite part is how my house is clean. Such a simple sentence touches me the most esp. as a mom you always doing dishes, laundry, ect. So for him to acknowledge that touches my heart. He also made me a really cute clay stone. He carved into a picture of him playing soccer.

I thought it was funny because the kids have been saying how today is a great day. They are getting a steak dinner and I let them turn the hose on and spray the trampoline. So now they are jumping in their swim suits.

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